RCMP Candidates are required to take First Aid Courses.

In order to be become a RCMP officer a candidate must meet several criteria including having a valid first aid certificate.  A RCMP candidate must be a Canadian citizen, with at least a Grade 12 diploma, complete a RCMP Aptitude test and a selection package. A physical test called the PARE test must be completed and passed. Furthermore, questions and interviews must be successfully completed involving medical, dental, psychological and visual exams.

Once Candidates have completed these tasks  and before they enroll in cadet training, candidates must obtain a Standard First Aid certificate which includes a CPR component. RCMP candidates are required to have a good understanding of basic first aid and CPR. The standard first aid program is offered throughout Canada is meets certification standards in every province. Candidates should ensure that they receive this award through a credible provider such as the Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. Johns Ambulance or the Canadian Red Cross. Online courses are not accepted. We strongly recommend the Canadian Red Cross as it has the best program and lowest prices. Strengthen your public service skills by taking a comprehensive and basic first aid course.

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