Remedies for rapid pinkeye recovery

Pinkeye or conjunctivitis involves infection of the lining of the eyelid and eyeball which is called the conjunctiva. This form of infection causes inflammation that result to irritation and redness.

Pinkeye can be due to a viral infection, allergies or bacterial infection. Once an individual acquires this condition, there are a number of measures that must be taken into consideration to promote faster recovery. It is essential to schedule an appointment with a doctor for proper assessment and prompt treatment to prevent any complications from developing.



Compresses can help soothe the symptoms of pinkeye. It is recommended to utilize a cloth or towel that is lint-free and immerse in warm water.

Compresses can help soothe the symptoms of pinkeye. It is recommended to utilize a cloth or towel that is lint-free and immerse in warm water. After wringing out the excess water, apply it over the affected eye for a few minutes to help with the irritation. Some individuals prefer to use a cool compress. Do not use the compress on the other eye since it can spread the infection.

Good hygiene

Since pinkeye is an infection, it is vital to prevent reinfection that can cause infection in the other eye as well as infecting others. Make sure that the individual will wash hands regularly and avoid sharing towels or other items that came in contact with the eye.

It is vital to throw out makeup that was used on the affected. Change the pillowcases and proper disinfection of the areas touched by the individual can help minimize the spread of the disease. In addition, observing strict contact lens hygiene is vital after the pinkeye resolves.

Contact lenses

If the individual uses contact lenses, they should not be used when he/she has pinkeye. The contacts that were contaminated must be disposed of in order to prevent reinfection. When the individual stops using contacts in the eye, there is relief from the symptoms such as the irritation and redness.

Avoidance of allergens

In case allergies are responsible for the pinkeye, exposure to the allergens in the environment should be minimized. If pollen triggers the allergy symptoms, a HEPA filter vacuum should be used when cleaning while windows must be closed. In addition, the individual should minimize outdoor trips especially in the mornings during the hay fever season.

Eye drops

There are several over-the-counter eye drops available that can help deal with eye dryness. Oftentimes, the doctor will recommend artificial tears or an eye cleaner in order to reduce the symptoms of pinkeye.


The doctor will determine the exact cause of pinkeye in order to come up with a suitable treatment plan. If the cause is bacteria, an antibiotic will be given and if viral, the pinkeye is allowed to run its full course and eventually resolve. In case related to allergies, pinkeye can be managed with antihistamines, mast cell stabilizers, decongestants, steroids and even anti-inflammatory drops.


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