Reporting Motor Vehicle Accident

Reporting a motor vehicle accident is the single most important step in providing first aid. However, if you are the first person to

respond, you should be able to provide the appropriate and complete information to help the emergency medical services.

When calling 911 to report a motor vehicle accident, you should provide the operator with essential information to hasten the delivery of emergency services. Some helpful information you can provide include:

1.The exact location of the accident

If the motor vehicle accident has happened in a built-up area, you should be able to give the exact street address or at least the names of the nearest two streets that intersect. However, if the accident occurred in a rural area, you may have a difficult time learning the exact location. If possible, provide the operator with the nearest crossroads or nearby stores or landmarks. Avoid giving vague directions such as “about four miles south of town…” If you are not familiar with the place either, you can report the nearest landmark from your point of view.

Given today’s advance technology, it is not difficult to locate accidents. Usually, the operator can track you by just checking the GPRS position of your mobile phone. Most mobile phones are able to provide the location.

2.The phone number you are calling from

The operator may need to call you back so you should be able to give your phone number.

3.The name of the caller

State if you are among the victims or a first aider. Do not hang up the phone until you are told to do so. Usually, the operator gives instructions on how you can manage the situation.

4.The types of vehicles involved

The operator needs to know the types of vehicles involved because certain vehicles require special attention from the emergency service personnel. For instance, passenger vehicles such as buses, cars, and vans would normally have passengers thus requiring an ample amount of medical supplies. If there is a truck involved in the accident, you should also provide information about the type of truck and its load. A dump truck or a chemical container would require the emergency service personnel to wear special protection devices.

5.The number of persons injured

Reporting Motor Vehicle Accident

Reporting Motor Vehicle Accident

It is important for the emergency service personnel to know the number of victims requiring emergency care. If there are more than five victims, the operator may need to send out several ambulances and rescuers. Time can be saved if you are able to provide an accurate number of people injured in the accident.

Lastly, you should be able to give description of the type of injuries sustained by the victims. This will help the operator formulate a decision on the initial response.