Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

The information posted in this blog on signs and symptoms of a stroke is for information purposes only. To receive first aid training in Vancouver and to learn to treat and recognise strokes, take a first aid course in Vancouver with Vancouver First Aid Ltd.

In a previous blog I posted the signs and symptoms of a stroke according to Red Cross and Lifesaving Society standards. However, it is important to understand that recognizing a stroke is not so “black and white”. There are no definitive symptoms that you will see. Its no guarantee that any of the mentioned symptoms will arise. However, a good identifier of a stroke, which doctors use in Hospitals, is the tongue. Patients who may be having a stroke are asked to show there tongue to the Doctor. If the patient is having a stroke there is a very high likelihood that the tongue will point to the stroke side. People still recovering from strokes will also display this symptom. Please use this as part of your arsenal of tools to determine if a patient is having a stroke. There is no definitive symptom to a stroke, but the more tools we have to decipher, the better we will be at recognizing the condition.

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