Standard First Aid with CPR HCP

Standard First Aid with CPR level HCP is offered in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and Coquitlam with Vancouver First Aid Ltd. We offer the cheapest and most comfortable first aid training in the lower mainland. Candidates can enroll in this comprehensive first aid class with Health Care Provider CPR for 135.00 which includes all manuals and certificates.

Standard First Aid with CPR level HCP is a required course for many professions and a prerequisite for many school programs. Doctors, nurses, lifeguards and health care workers are some of the people that are required to take this class. We understand the importance of being certified, so Vancouver First Aid Ltd, will try to never cancel your class and promises to offer the cheapest and most convenenient classes.

Standard First Aid with CPR level HCP  includes CPR for adult, child and infant victims. CPR HCP trains candidates to use pocket masks and / or bag valve masks for artificial respiration. Furthermore, unlike other CPR classes, CPR HCP candidates will learn how to check for pulse and apply rescue methods to victims that have no breathing but have a pulse.  Candidates will learn to treat and recognize Circulatory Emergency such as Heart Attacks, Angina, Stroke, Shock and deadly bleeding. Candidates will learn to attend to victims of anaphylaxis, diabetes, fractures, head and spinal injuries, seizuers, poisons, dislocations, heat exhaustion, hypothermia and other environmental emergencies. This course is 16 to 18 hours in length and usually completed within two days. Upon completion of the course candidates will receive a Red Cross certification card that is valid for up to 3 years. Candidates are required to take recertification courses based on workplace demands / employee contracts.

Courses are affiliated through the Red Cross and are available at different dates and times throughout the Lower Mainland. To register for a course selecet the Standard First Aid course in the side menu bar or select the course from the menu bar at the top of the page. All Standard First Aid courses at the Inverness location offer the option of CPR HCP. Please email or call to request dates and times of other CPR HCP standard first aid courses at other locations.  Private courses are available. To book a private course, in which the instructor comes to your office or workplace email us at or call at 778-709-9180.

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