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Vancouver first aid

4 men charged after assaulting a man with a pipe

Four men are being charged after assaulting a 69-year-old man in Bible Hill, N.S., on a Monday afternoon. A witness provided first aid to the old man. Life on the line According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Nova Scotia, the incident started from an argument between two men in a driveway. One of […]

Vancouver first aid

Winnipeg man thanks strangers for saving his life

A man from Winnipeg thanks 2 strangers who provided CPR and first aid when his heart suddenly stopped beating while jogging. Timely intervention Mark Smith, a 62-year-old man collapsed on a Wellington Crescent sidewalk and possibility that he might die. Two “angels” immediately helped and provided CPR to the comatose man. The angels turned out […]

Vancouver first aid

6 men saved life of a Calgary man

Six employees were given honors for saving the life of a man from Calgary. A man named Ayaz Kara about 53 years old was playing squash at the recreational center at the Mount Royal University. The man suddenly felt dizzy and has difficulty in breathing.  A student named Michael Dubnyk responded to the man and […]

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