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Overview on the flu

Overview on the flu

The flu is a highly communicable and prevalent condition due to the influenza virus. Over all, an individual can acquire this condition at any time of the year. Individuals of all ages can acquire the the condition, but consequently, the elderly, children and those who have weakened immune systems are at high risk while likely […]

Do I have flu?

Determining if you have the flu can be hard. This is due to the variety of flu symptoms that are strikingly similar to other respiratory conditions. If an individual starts to feel sick and wants to know if he/she has the flu, there are important considerations to bear in mind. How flu starts In most […]

What you need to know about prolonged flu symptoms

Millions of individuals all over the globe acquire the flu on a yearly basis. In most of these cases, an acute illness typically resolves within 2-5 days, although the respiratory symptoms such as sore throat and cough can last for up to two weeks. Some of the symptoms of flu can last longer and some […]