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Mosquito bites: Is my child allergic?

Mosquito bites is an issue of concern among children during the summer months. The humid, warm weather during the summer season provides the perfect setting for mosquitoes to flourish. Engaging in outside activities without using a repellant puts one at risk for mosquito bites that can be risky for children with severe allergies. Remember that […]

Mosquito bites: Should I be worried?

Mosquito bites are not only annoying but can spread serious and infectious ailments. The female mosquitoes have an elongated, piercing mouthpiece that can pierce the skin to consume blood. Take note that blood serves as a source of protein for their eggs. What are the indications? Once a female mosquito delivers a bite, it draws […]

Treatment for infected mosquito bites

Treatment for infected mosquito bites

During the summer season, mosquitoes also go along with the warmth at the time of this season. Mosquitos usually fly close to water between sunset and dawn. The female mosquitoes require blood for the eggs in order to live on and humans are always the likely targets. Always bear in mind that mosquitoes are usually […]