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Glutamine: Skin rashes

The skin rashes from glutamine are typically due to an allergic reaction to gluten. It is important to note that glutamine is one of the highly abundant amino acids. Glutamine is commonly used by body builders as a supplemental protein. Wheat is comprised of four main allergic proteins – albumin, gliadin, globulin and gluten. Individuals […]

Supplements that can trigger skin rashes

Once skin rashes occur, it is one of the symptoms that indicate an allergic reaction. When an individual starts to use a new medication or supplement, he/she is at risk for developing an allergic reaction. Remember that not all allergic reactions occur the first time a particular supplement is used, but if you notice signs […]

Why do I get skin rashes from chocolate?

Skin rashes that develop after eating or touching chocolate is basically a reaction of the immune system to cocoa or other components present in chocolate products. The usual adverse reaction after chocolate is eaten is a skin rash. Individuals who have hypersensitivity of the skin can develop inflammation after direct contact with chocolate. If an […]

Why skin rashes develop after eating shrimp?

Why skin rashes develop after eating shrimp?

If the individual develops skin rashes after eating shrimp, he/she is most likely to experience food allergy. It is a known fact that allergies to shrimp are one of the most prevalent food allergies. Generally, shrimps are a variety of shellfish that have a casing. Shellfish consist of both crustaceans and mollusks such as oysters, […]