Taking Vancouver First Aid Classes for Pneumococcal Infections

Because of the fact that other chronic diseases such as diabetes and chronic heart disease are more common and popular in Canada, not a lot of people are aware that pneumococcal infections are on the rise in certain cities such as Vancouver. This is why it is important for both residents and non-residents in the area to recognize the importance of taking Vancouver first aid classes for these types of lung infections. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to take Vancouver classes for pneumococcal infections.

It is the leading cause of respiratory problems

Chest Discomfort or Pain

Chest Discomfort or Pain

According to the data that was released by the Vancouver Coastal Health for December 2013, Pneumococcal infections are in the lead for causing the most number of lung infections through direct contact. The number of people who contracted pneumococcal infections is even higher than the number of people who contracted Tuberculosis through direct contact which is one of the most common lung diseases not just in British Columbia, but in other Canadian provinces and territories as well.  Pneumococcal disease also has the highest monthly rate for lung diseases that are acquired through direct contact. This means that the rise in the cases of Pneumococcal infections happen throughout the year and not just in December.

It encompasses a wide range of diseases

One of the main reasons why Pneumococcal infections are so common is because it encompasses a wide variety of diseases from acute conditions such as acute ear infections to more serious medical problems such as meningitis. Other forms of sinus infections and Pneumonia are also categorized as Pneumococcal infections as they are all caused by the same strain of bacteria known as Streptococcus bacteria. Other people are also at a higher risk for developing these types of infections such as the elderly and those who have autoimmune diseases since their immune system are much weaker than a healthy person.

How does Vancouver first aid classes help?

By taking Vancouver first aid classes, rescuers can learn how to identify life -threatening complications and apply the necessary medical interventions to prevent mortality. These medical conditions include shock and problems in the bloodstream or circulation. Taking first aid classes also teaches ordinary bystanders to immediately call emergency services if they observe these types of life-threatening medical conditions on a complete stranger. This helps minimize the number of mortality that is caused by Pneumococcal infections since the patients are immediately given the medical treatment that they need in order to survive.