The cheapest and best first aid courses in the Vancouver Lower Mainland!

Vancouver First Aid is proud to teach first aid classes in the Lower Mainland. We value every customer and candidate. We promise to give each candidate the best possible course. Here are ten reasons why you should take your next first aid, CPR, standard first aid, or aed course with us.

1. We promise to never cancel a class. We understand the importance of being certified to keep your job.

2. We will always make room. We never turn down last minute registrations. Everybody is always welcome!

3. We offer every course at least twice a month to conveniently fit your schedule.

4. Our courses are fun, low stress and comfortable.

5. We have free parking, and lots of it.

6. We are centred in the heart of Vancouver.

7. We offer the cheapest courses in Vancouver. Check out our competitors and compare!

8. Our instructors are qualified to teach for several affiliates. Whether you need Red Cross, Lifesaving Society or Heart and Stroke Foundation instructors we will have one ready for you.

9. We teach in large training facilities. We won’t keep you cramped in a small room.

10. We offer private courses at great prices!

Sign up for a course with Vancouver First Aid. We are excited to meet you!

One Response to “The cheapest and best first aid courses in the Vancouver Lower Mainland!”

  1. Andre Gosselin June 13, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    I am looking for level 3 first aid courses that start as soon as possible. you can contact me via e-mail or call me directly at 604-773-1846. I have been previously certified in emergency first aid but that was several years ago.