Topics covered in CPR courses.

The following blog presents topics covered, at a glance, of an average, nationally accredited CPR course offered by Vancouver First Aid. These are the items that candidates are tested on in a Lifesaving Society and Red Cross CPR level C course:

1. Risk Factors – includes understanding risk of heart disease and how to manage the risks.

2. Legal Implications of CPR – includes understanding the implications of using Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the importance of the Good Samaritan Act.

3. Self Protection – includes understanding the precautions to be taken when aiding a victim.

4. Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system – includes understanding how the heart and lungs operate.

5. Using 9-1-1 – includes demonstrating when to call and how to call for EMS.

6. Scene Assessment – includes primary and scene assessment.

7. Unconscious patient care – includes recognition and care of unconscious victim.

8. AED introduction – includes demonstrating the use of and when to use an AED.

9. One rescuer CPR – involves one person rescue on an adult victim.

10. One rescuer CPR on adult and child – involves CPR on adult and child.

11. Obstructed airway – includes rescue of mild and severe obstruction on conscious adult victims.

12. Obstructed airway on conscious child – includes rescue of mild and severe obstruction on conscious child victims.

13. Obstructed airway on infant – includes rescue of mild and severe obstruction on conscious infant victims.

14. Obstructed airway on unconscious adult – includes severe obstructions on unconscious adults.

15. Obstructed airway on unconscious child and infant – includes sever obstructions on unconscious children and infants.

16. Two rescuer CPR – includes CPR with two trained rescuer including a smooth transition of CPR between rescuers.

For more information on the courses or to register for a CPR course click on the tabs on the side of the page. Take a first aid or CPR course in Vancouver with Vancouver First Aid. We offer nationally accredited courses affiliated with the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society. We look forward to meeting you.

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