What are the arthritis symptoms in the back, hips and joints?

There are various forms of arthritis but the most common is osteoarthritis. With this form of arthritis, it is “wear-and-tear” breakdown of the cartilage inside the joints. The cartilage in the back, hips and joints deteriorate and the bones in these areas rub against one another which cause further damage to the joints. An individual with arthritis should be well aware of the symptoms that are specific to osteoarthritis. If in doubt, it is best to schedule an appointment with a doctor so that proper assessment of the symptoms can be carried out.

Dull achy pain

The pain linked with osteoarthritis is described as a dull ache. This is the most usual form of pain since swelling and inflammation in the hips, back or the joints increases the pressure that is perceived as a dull ache in the neighboring sensory nerves.

Aside from the dull throbbing sensation, it naturally exacerbates when undue pressure is applied on the joint while standing or simply walking since added pressure from the weight increases the pressure on the back, hips and joints. The treatment usually involves reducing the inflammation and swelling as well as strengthening of the muscles surrounding the back, hips and other joints.


An individual with arthritis in the back, hips and joints can suffer from pain that is worse in the morning and improves with light activity.

Worse pain in the morning

An individual with arthritis in the back, hips and joints can suffer from pain that is worse in the morning and improves with light activity. In most cases, the joints become rigid overnight due to the lack of use and diminished production of joint lubrication fluid.

As the individual wakes up in the morning and starts moving, the body produces lubricating fluids in the joints that helps relieve the pain linked with osteoarthritis. It simply means that engaging in mild exercises in the morning can help reduce the symptoms especially joint pain.

Piercing pain with grating sensation

In some circumstances, an individual with osteoarthritis in the back, hip and joints can suffer from piercing or sharp pain especially when a cracking or grinding sensation is heard or felt in the joint.

Remember that this occurs since the bone spurs in the joint rub together which causes them to click, grate or pop. Once these bone spurs rub against one another, there is piercing pain that is localized in the back, hip or other joints or even radiate to neighboring anatomical structures. In such cases, medications and physical therapy can help minimize this symptom. On the other hand, surgery might be required to eliminate the bone spurs as well as prevent the worsening of the pain.



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