What are the indications of nicotine poisoning?

Nicotine is considered as an addictive substance that is present in tobacco plant and used as an active component in cigarettes, chewing tobacco and cigars. Nicotine is also present in smoking cessation products such as patches and gum. In some cases, nicotine poisoning can occur once large amounts of nicotine are ingested orally.

Pets and young children face a higher risk for this type of poisoning when they unintentionally eat or chew products that contain nicotine. The treatment for nicotine poisoning typically include stomach pumping and induced vomiting. By recognizing the indications of nicotine poisoning, serious health complications can be prevented. Proper management is required for any type of poisoning. This is possible if you will register in a first aid course today. In doing so, you are prepared to do the right steps once nicotine poisoning is suspected.

Nicotine poisoning

An individual with nicotine poisoning can have a difficult time breathing normally.

Changes in the vital signs

If an individual ingests excessive amount of the substance, it can cause alarming changes in the blood pressure and heart rate. A rapid heart rate that unusually slows down can indicate nicotine poisoning. Similarly, the blood pressure of the individual who has accidentally ingested excess amounts can spike and consequently drops below the normal level.

Breathing difficulties

An individual with this type of poisoning can have a difficult time breathing normally. This breathing difficulty can also include episodes in which the breathing stops momentarily. Fast breathing is also consistent when it comes to nicotine poisoning. If you suspect that an individual has breathing difficulty after being exposed to nicotine, it is best to seek immediate medical care as soon as possible.

Gastrointestinal distress

Nausea, diarrhea and vomiting can indicate that an individual has high level of nicotine in the system. Abdominal cramping can also occur along with other gastrointestinal symptoms. The treatment for severe nicotine poisoning is to induce vomiting but should only be carried out by the healthcare professionals. Do not attempt to do this on your own.

Oral side effects

Once nicotine is ingested in large doses, it can lead to oral side effects. Take note that drooling is one of the usual indications linked with this type of poisoning. Children who are old enough to verbalize what they feel can complain of a burning sensation in the mouth.

Mental changes

Anxiety, depression, excitement, restlessness and mental confusion can manifest due to the elevated amount of nicotine in the body. Animals and children can appear hyperactive if large amount of nicotine was ingested unintentionally. Those who exhibit these symptoms along with other indications of severe nicotine poisoning must be carefully assessed by a doctor so that proper care can be provided as soon as possible.

Effects on the muscles

In most cases, muscle twitching and convulsions can also indicate nicotine poisoning. Individuals who have taken large amounts of nicotine can also suffer from muscular weakness.