What are the side effects of calmoseptine ointment?

It is important to note that calmoseptine is the brand name for the zinc oxide topical ointment that is used in order to relieve skin irritation such as minor burns, diaper rash and hemorrhoids. This acts as an analgesic, skin protectant and antipruritic as well as a sunblock. Take note that this mineral paste will not treat bacterial or fungal infections but can form an air and moisture barrier to protect the individual from developing new infections. Many individuals do not suffer from side effects from the application of zinc oxide but there are some exceptions.

Development of an allergic reaction

Individuals who use calmoseptine might suffer from an allergic reaction to the ointment if they are allergic to zinc. Other substances that the individual might be allergic to that would trigger a reaction to the ointment include cod liver oil, lanolin, mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

Take note that the allergic reaction will take on the form of a rash, hives, facial swelling, nausea and even difficulty breathing. If the individual develops any of these symptoms or worsen, it is important to seek immediate medical care as soon as possible so that proper assessment can be carried out as well as starting the appropriate mode of treatment.


Take note that the allergic reaction will take on the form of a rash, hives, facial swelling, nausea and even difficulty breathing.

Problems with ingestion

In case calmoseptine has been ingested or swallowed or even gets in contact with the mouth or lips, it can trigger a series of side effects that include vomiting, fever and cough. The ingestion of zinc oxide will also instigate chills, cough as well as nausea and stomach pain. Take note that these flu-like symptoms can also include diarrhea as well as throat and mouth irritation.


The ingestion of zinc oxide can bring about jaundice as a side effect which is manifested as yellow eyes and skin. Always bear in mind that jaundice develops once the liver could not process bilirubin at a quick manner. The yellow pigmentation in the eyes and skin is due to bilirubin which is the byproduct of old red blood cells.

Fetal issues

It is important to note that calmoseptine can trigger problems for fetuses, newborns as well as babies that are breastfed. The zinc oxide ointment is categorized as category C which means that it can be harmful to a fetus. There is also the likelihood that zinc oxide can be transferred to the baby through breast milk. Women who might become pregnant must inform a doctor before calmoseptine will be used.

If you are going to use calmoseptine, it is best to consult a doctor first since some individuals might be allergic to the substance. It is important that you are safe as well as avoid triggering a reaction. You can enroll in a first aid class today so that you will more about the usage as well as the effectiveness of this ointment.