What to do if silica gel is ingested?

The silica gel packs utilized in the packaging process of various products that works to keep out moisture have warning labels that you should carefully read. Some of the products that utilize these silica gel packs include food, leather shoes, medications and electronics. By preventing moisture from developing, silica gel helps prevent the growth of mold, corrosion and mildew, thus vital in the packaging process.

The packs that contain the substance have instructions not to eat the product since it is harmful if ingested. In some circumstances, poison control must be contacted if children or pets ingested the contents of the package. Once the silica gel pack is opened, they must be discarded or thrown away out of reach of animals and children. Remember that silica gel is not considered toxic but can cause discomfort to the individual once ingested. To learn to recognize and manage accidental ingestion or exposure to silica gel, enroll in a fist and and CPR course today.

Silica gel

Once silica gel enters the stomach, it can cause dehydration or an upset stomach.

Exposure to silica gel

If the silica gel packs were ingested, they do not pose as a threat to the body. The purpose of these packs is to eliminate humidity from the surrounding area. This is what it will do once it comes in contact with the skin, face, lips, hands, tongue and any bodily surface. Understandably, the individual will experience dryness and irritation.

Contact with the substance and then touching the eyes can cause eye irritation as well. Once silica gel enters the stomach, it can cause dehydration or an upset stomach. In case it was chewed before it was swallowed, the product can be inhaled which leads to coughing.


The treatment for exposure to silica gel involves the proper first aid measures that must be carried out right away. Any part of the body that came in contact with the silica gel must be carefully washed using water and mild soap. After the exposed areas are cleaned, apply a hydrating lotion to help prevent excessive dryness of the skin.

As for eye irritation, you have to rinse the eyes of the individual continuously under fresh water for about 15 minutes. If the individual wears contact lens, remove them first before flushing the eyes with water.

If the product was ingested, provide the individual with water to drink to minimize stomach distress. By increasing the intake of water, it will prevent dehydration from occurring. If the individual is suffering from breathing difficulty, oxygen therapy might be administered. In case of distress in any form continues after being exposed to silica gel, it is best to call poison control or bring the individual to the emergency department at the nearest hospital so that prompt treatment can be started right away.