What to wear when taking a CPR or First Aid course?

A frequently asked question when people take a first aid or CPR course is: what should i wear? As a first aid instructor I have seen people coming in wearing stilettos, high heel boots and mini skirts. However, when taking a first aid course you are going to need to move around quickly and be very comfortable. CPR, when performed properly, needs to be done on a firm and flat surface. This means that when doing CPR, the rescuer will most likely be kneeling on the floor. Furthermore, you are going to be coming up and down from the floor several times making it somewhat uncomfortable in mini skirts or high heels.

I highly recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and clothes that you won’t worry about kneeling with. Runners or comfortable shoes are also important. Its unsafe to be running around in high heels trying to stay calm in a mock panic scenario. Shorts, jogging pants, runners and a comfortable top work great. No need to wear formal attire. First aid courses aren’t formal events. So be comfy, sit back and enjoy the show. Register for a first aid class in Vancouver today.