Why do I experience chest tightness after exercise?

When an individual engages in a workout, it will leave him/her breathing hard. Nevertheless, if the individual experiences chest tightness or pain, it can indicate a problem. In reality, chest tightness after exercise can indicate a serious health issue that requires immediate medical care. If an individual experiences feeling of pain or pressure, a doctor must be consulted as soon as possible.

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Muscle strain

An individual might have a muscle strain. Always bear in mind that exercise will strain the muscles and breathing deeply and quickly when running can stress out the muscles traversing across the chest. This will cause a sensation of pain or pressure after the workout. Nevertheless, if the chest tightness is accompanied by pain in the arms, dizziness or tingling, a doctor must be consulted right away.


Chest tightness

Asthma is oftentimes that cause of chest tightness or pain right after exercising.

Asthma is oftentimes that cause of chest tightness or pain right after exercising. In some individuals, asthma is actually induced by exercise, thus the individual might not experience any symptoms at any other time than while working out. When taking quick breaths during exercise, this will cause the lungs to inflame, resulting to swelling which makes it hard to breathe deeply. If an individual is suspected with asthma, a doctor must be consulted for proper treatment.


Pleurisy is a condition that involves piercing chest pain that tends to worsen when the individual coughs or inhales. Breathing hard and being active physically can irritate the membrane that covers the chest cavity and covers the lungs, thus resulting to piercing chest tightness or pain. Take note that pleurisy can also be a symptom of an underlying health issue, thus a doctor must be consulted if this is experienced by the individual after a workout.

Heart issues

It is important to note that heart problems are commonly linked with chest tightness after exercise or even while the individual is at rest. If the individual suffers from a tight sensation or pressure in the chest after exercising, it can indicate angina which is a condition that causes the arteries in the heart to constrain and trigger pain. The chest tightness can also be caused by a heart attack which occurs once the arteries constrict up to the point that they are completely blocking the flow of blood to the heart. In either case, immediate medical care is required.

When an individual experiences chest tightness, it is best to consult a doctor so that proper assessment can be carried out and the appropriate treatment can be started early.