Why do I get skin rashes from chocolate?

Skin rashes that develop after eating or touching chocolate is basically a reaction of the immune system to cocoa or other components present in chocolate products. The usual adverse reaction after chocolate is eaten is a skin rash.

Individuals who have hypersensitivity of the skin can develop inflammation after direct contact with chocolate. If an individual is allergic to cocoa or one of the components present in chocolate products, he/she can experience eczema or hives. It is best to consult a doctor if the individual develops skin rashes after eating chocolate. If you want to learn how to properly manage allergies, click here.

Allergy to chocolate

Skin rashes-chocolate

An allergic response to chocolate can instigate a variety of skin rashes. The common reactions include eczema, hives and generalized inflammation.

Even though it is considered common, it is likely for the individual to develop an allergic reaction to chocolate. There are some chocolates that contain milk, tree nuts, soy or peanuts which have a high amount of allergens that can instigate an allergic response. During an allergic response, the immune system breaks down and could not properly recognize that one of the ingredients in chocolate is safe. Understandably, the body will react as if it is under siege and starts to produce antibodies along with other chemicals that will fight the substance.

Skin rashes due to food allergy

An allergic response to chocolate can instigate a variety of skin rashes. The common reactions include eczema, hives and generalized inflammation. It is important to note that these rashes can lead to severe itchiness and inflammation. When it comes to a skin rash due to a food allergy, it can be managed with oral antihistamines or topical steroid creams. A doctor should be consulted before any attempt to self-medicate.

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is the inflammation of the skin that develops after being in contact with a certain substance. In most cases, the skin can become sensitive to the components present in chocolate and when touched, acts as an irritant that can trigger a topical allergic response. Always bear in mind that contact dermatitis is usually triggered by citrus fruits, tomatoes and certain perfumes.

As a common form of skin rashes, contact dermatitis is described as red-colored, itchy and scaly skin that can sting or burn once touched. When contact with chocolate continues, the skin can ooze, scale, crack and even become extremely dry. In most cases, patches of hard, leathery skin can manifest on areas that are affected by the condition. In case an individual has a severe reaction, the skin can blister and swell right away and accompanied with an intense burning sensation.

Important consideration to bear in mind

Always bear in mind that skin rashes such as hives can be considered as initial signs of a severe allergic reaction. A severe allergic response can develop at a fast rate after eating chocolate and can be accompanied by other symptoms such as wheezing, difficulty breathing and lightheadedness. In case the symptoms develop, it is best to call for emergency assistance right away.