Why do I have recurring headaches?

Headaches occur due to various causes and the severity tends to vary from one individual to another. Some individuals end up with a headache every once in a while yet others suffer from frequent, oftentimes daily, sore headaches that can disrupt with activities at home or at work. The frequency of the recurring headaches can be reduced if the individual can determine the exact cause of the headaches.


The most prevalent form of headache that affects millions of individuals occurs due to tension. Some individuals are suffering from chronic tension headaches that cause pain that starts at the rear of the head and spreads forward. Take note that this form of headache can also cause neck pain in most cases.

Migraine headaches


When it comes to a migraine headache, it usually occurs on one side of the head, but can affect both sides at the same time as well.

When it comes to a migraine headache, it usually occurs on one side of the head, but can affect both sides at the same time as well. Some individuals experience an aura prior to a migraine attack. An aura triggers visual disturbance such as a blind spot or zigzag light in the eye before the pain starts.

During a migraine headache, the blood vessels in the head constrict and then dilate which causes the headache. Certain factors such as alcohol, stress, bright lights, sleep disturbance and certain foods such as chocolate or cheese can instigate a migraine attack. The trigger for the headache tends to vary from one individual to another.

Cluster headaches

A cluster headache can cause piercing, intense pain on one side of the head at the temple. The pain can also occur around the eye. The eye and nostril on the affected side of the head tends to water while the individual becomes restless.

In most cases, the pain typically lasts between 30-60 minutes. The headaches frequently occur for 1-3 months and then no longer occur for months or even years.

Allergies and sinus issues

Chronic cases of sinus infections and allergies can trigger recurrent headaches. If an individual has sinus infection caused by virus, bacteria or an abscessed tooth, it results to inflammation in the sinus cavity and can trigger a headache that occurs across the forehead. In addition, seasonal allergies can also cause congestion in the sinuses, thus triggering a headache as well.

Brain issues

Any condition that affects the brain can trigger recurrent headaches. Infection affecting the covering of the brain, tumors, abscesses and eye disorders can cause recurrent headaches until the underlying condition is properly managed. In addition, high blood pressure that is not properly controlled can also cause a throbbing headache.

What is the rebound effect?

The use of certain medications such as triptans in managing migraines, overuse of pain medications and intake of caffeine to stop the headache can worsen the pain. The aggravation of the headaches typically occurs once an individual uses the medications frequently than 2-3 times in a week.


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