Woman given CPR after vehicle plunges into river

A 38-year old woman was given CPR after an unforeseen accident. The vehicle of the victim slammed into a Hydro pole and swerved off the road, plunging upside-down in the Richelieu River.

Watery plunge

The neighbors called the police after hearing a loud bang and shut down of electricity following the impact with the Hydro pole. A Surete du Quebec officer who was first on the scene jumped into the murky river where the vehicle was submerged in around 4 feet of water. He broke the driver’s window but cannot find the driver.

Vancouver first aid

One of these skills is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which can help save lives.

The SQ officer attempting to rescue the woman had to back off due to the cold. He was later given treatment for hypothermia.

The victim was found in the back seat after the car was towed out of the river. A rescue team attempted to perform CPR. Sadly, the woman was declared dead in a healthcare facility.

The investigators are attempting to determine what caused the woman to lose control of her vehicle. The victim who was a resident of Sorel might have fallen asleep or suffering a medical emergency or even distracted.

Saving a life

It is vital to enroll in a first aid course to learn the essential life-saving skills. One of these skills is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which can help save lives.

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