Basic Life Support

Cardiac problems are the world’s leading cause of mortality and morbidity. With millions of people being diagnosed with a variety of cardiac health conditions each year, the risk of cardiac arrest occurring becomes higher and higher. When cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting, the chances of recovery and survival become very low or close to zero. This is why the Basic Life Support guidelines were drafted, to improve the survival rates of out-of-hospital arrest.

Vancouver First Aid is one of the best sources of Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider training. We maintain the high quality of our training course without raising our training fees. If you need BLS for HCPs training and certification, sign up for a course at Vancouver First Aid.

Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

Vancouver First Aid offers CPR Level C, or Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers. It is an advanced training program for people who work in health care, preparing them for management of cardiac arrests that happen outside of a medical setting.

Our program teaches students how to perform basic CPR skills – primarily chest compressions, ventilations, and defibrillation. Usually, only the first two skills are performed in an out-of-hospital arrest, since defibrillators are not widely available. First aid skills on the management choking and allergy emergencies are also included in BLS training.

Basic Life Support training with Vancouver First Aid runs for 4.5 hours, including lecture and laboratory sessions. The certification exam is taken on a separate day. To be certified, you need to have complete attendance and passing grades on the final exam (which has written and practical portions).

Your Training Certificate for BLS

The Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers training certificate is valid for three years or 36 months. Before your credential expires, be sure to sign up for the BLS for HCPs refresher course. Refresher courses are shorter, update courses for the renewal of credentials nearing expiry.

Contacting Vancouver First Aid For Enrollment

Enrollment can be completed via online application below. There is a form that is available all day, perfect for students who cannot sign up for training during out office hours. Our offices are open from 8am to 5pm if you wish to enroll in person or ask our staff for clarifications.

Our e-mail and telephone contact details are available below as well. Our staff will be glad to help you with your inquiries.

An Introduction to Basic CPR and First Aid Training

Giving chest compressions is the mainstay of performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). In cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating completely (or beats too slow or too weak). Chest compressions manually pump the heart, sending blood to the rest of the body. They are attempt to restore the spontaneous beating the heart.

Outside of a medical set-up, compressions and ventilations are performed together (without defibrillation). Ventilations are also called “rescue breaths”, and can be given mouth-to-mouth or with a bag valve mask (BVMs). Like defibrillators, BVMs are only available when emergency medical help arrives.

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