First Aid Recertifications

First Aid Recertifications, training and courses are offered at Vancouver First Aid. Our first aid recertification instructors are affiliated through St Mark James Training.  For more information on the first aid recertifications offered check out the nearby tabs.

Red Cross First Aid and CPR Re-Certificaiton Training Classroom
Participants enrolled in first aid re-certification classes will learn the latest standards and techniques in condensed courses.

There are two main 1st aid recertification classes offered at Vancouver First Aid. Standard First Aid recerts are courses to re-certify the full Standard First Aid course. They are typically 6 to 8 hours in length and include a CPR-C recertification. The recertification cards are valid up to three years.

Emergency First Aid recertifications are approximately 6 hours in length and also include a CPR recertification. We offer each training class at least two times per month at convenient locations throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

We also offer private courses for recertifications. Fill out a form on our contact us page to let us know you need a private course.

Previous card must be presented to the instructor at the start of the class. Recertification cards will not be issued if previous card is not presented.  Vancouver First Aid accepts previous awards from: Red Cross, Lifesaving Society or Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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