AED Provider

Candidates in this aed provider course will cover all the material in the basic AED courses and will learn AED follow up procedures and maintenance of AED’s. This course is recommended for candidates who lead staff training and are responsible for AED maintenance. Includes CPR recert.

Successful candidates will receive a temporary Certification card by the instructor upon completion of course. Within 60 days, a permanent card will be mailed. Certificate is valid for one year.

Private Course: A private class is available for this course. Please refer to the Contact Us page for more information.

Prerequisites: Current First Aid or CPR certification.

Cost: 100.00

Time: 5-6 hours

To Register for a AED provider course you can call (778.709.9180), email ( or complete the registration form below.

*Refunds or transfer of AED provider courses are only accepted 72 hours prior to course.

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