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Overview on compartment syndrome

Compartment syndrome arises if there is excess buildup of pressure inside the muscles. This can impair the muscles and nerves, resulting to poor blood flow. What are the causes? Acute The acute form of compartment syndrome generally results to immediate pain and swelling in the area. The usual causes include the following: Fractures Significant trauma […]

Lateral compartment syndrome

When it comes to compartment syndrome, it typically occurs once the muscles are overly inflamed and too big for the surrounding sheath and can be acute or chronic. The lateral compartment of the inferior leg is comprised of the peroneus brevis and peroneous longus muscles, either of which can be the cause of compartment syndrome. […]

What is compartment syndrome?

What is compartment syndrome?

It is a known fact that athletes who exercise on hard surfaces often suffer from lower leg pain. Most assume that it is shin splints which involve the inflammation of the tissues that covers a large part of the two bones in the lower leg. On the other hand, doctors call lower leg pain as […]