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Do I have hay fever?

Hay fever can occur in both adults and children with episodes that occur every now and then. Some suffer from the condition to a point where it disrupts daily life. The indications of hay fever include itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing episodes. A doctor should be consulted if you are worried about the symptoms […]

Hay fever: Symptoms after exposure to tree pollen

Hay fever affects millions of individuals all over the globe. The symptoms are usually triggered by the abundant airborne tree pollen in the environment. The common sources of allergy-inducing pollen include oak, birch, elm and sycamore trees. Always bear in mind that children are highly susceptible to these allergies. The signs and symptoms of hay […]

Hay fever in children

Hay fever typically affects children at 7 years old while older children and teenagers are more susceptible to the allergy than the adults. The symptoms of hay fever include runny nose and itchy eyes that can be quite distressing for children that find it difficult to manage. Hay fever has distinct seasonal symptoms that occur […]