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Can wine cause headaches?

Many individuals avoid drinking wine, especially red wines since they end up with headaches in just a matter of minutes after drinking one. The reason why wine triggers headaches is still unclear, but many studies have been conducted and it was discovered that it is true for some individuals but not definite for those who […]

Why severe headaches occur after running?

Headaches that occur after a running session should not occur. If the individual experiences a headache after exercising, a doctor should be consulted to determine what is actually happening so that appropriate diagnostic test can be performed and rule out various conditions. Always bear in mind that straining, sneezing, lifting, bending or running should not […]

Why do I have recurring headaches?

Headaches occur due to various causes and the severity tends to vary from one individual to another. Some individuals end up with a headache every once in a while yet others suffer from frequent, oftentimes daily, sore headaches that can disrupt with activities at home or at work. The frequency of the recurring headaches can […]

What to do for headaches during sports?

Headaches are considered as a common complaint by those who engage in sports. They tend to vary in the level of pain, location and pattern from one individual to another. Even though a headache can be an annoyance, most cases do not need medical attention. To learn the difference between what injuries and circumstances need EMS […]

Potential foods that can trigger a headache

Potential foods that can trigger a headache

Almost every individual has experienced a headache at some point in their lives. The most prevalent type is a tension headache which occur due to tight muscles in the neck, scalp and jaw. It is due to anxiety, stress or depression. There are also other types of headaches such as migraines, sinus and cluster headaches. […]