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Can vitamins trigger hives?

Vitamins are known to instigate hives if an individual has an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients present in vitamin supplements. Some individuals can end up with an allergic reaction to the vitamin itself, but it is considered rare. Once an individual takes any medication or supplement, there is a risk for […]

Heat hives among toddlers

Hives are described as itchy, red-colored welts. The occurrence of heat-related hives is specifically labelled as heat rashes or as cholinergic urticaria. A toddler can end up with these heat hives right after taking a warm bath, staying too long under the sun, wearing tight-fitting clothes or when running a fever. Take note that this […]

Proper management of an infant with hives

In most cases of hives among infants, they are usually mild in nature and tends to go away on their own, thus treatment is usually focused on the comfort of the child. Hives or urticaria triggers the manifestation of several mosquito-bite bumps that can swell and itch, usually as a result of exposure to a […]

What are the conditions that cause hives?

What are the conditions that cause hives?

Hives is a painful and oftentimes dangerous condition in the skin with the appearance of itchy, red bumps. This skin condition is caused by various conditions including food and other allergies, stress, physical factors or as an indication of autoimmune disorders such as cancer, lupus or thyroid disorders. Based on the studies conducted, some people […]