4 men charged after assaulting a man with a pipe

Four men are being charged after assaulting a 69-year-old man in Bible Hill, N.S., on a Monday afternoon. A witness provided first aid to the old man.

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According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Nova Scotia, the incident started from an argument between two men in a driveway. One of the suspects drove into the driveway of another man and there the argument started. Later in a few minutes, a vehicle arrived with three men inside and one holding a pipe. According to the owner of the driveway, he did not want any trouble and went into his garage. The man with the pipe smashed the glass door of the garage.

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A witness provided first aid to the old man.

According to the police, a victim is a 69-year-old man who lived near the area. He heard the commotion outside and yelled at the four men to stop and told them to leave the area. The suspects then came towards the man. Two men held him and the other men beat him with their fist and used the pipe in beating him. The old man fell to the ground unconscious. A woman saw everything that happened, and when the four men returned to their car and left, he immediately helped the man and provided first aid. She called the emergency numbers. Some bystanders and workers on a neighboring property run to the victim and provided help. The man was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment and was later released.

In a few hours, the police found two vehicles and arrested the four men. The pipe was taken from them. The following charges have been laid on the four suspects who are in their 30’s and 20’s in connection with the incident. The suspects were charged with several counts of assault causing body injuries; possession of a weapon such as brass knuckles for a dangerous purpose; possession of a prohibited weapon such as brass knuckles; mischief; and possession of a weapon for purposes of committing an offense.

All the four suspects appeared in Truro provincial court the next day and they are remanded in police custody until the next court appearance.

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