Bystanders saved a man with timely CPR

When a man collapsed while jogging, bystanders saved his life with CPR. The incident occurred on a Charlemagne Boulevard sidewalk.

Bystander action

One pulled over his car to start performing CPR. Another called 911 and ran to the nearby Fire Station 53 to alert firefighters who arrived to deliver shocks using a portable defibrillator.

Vancouver first aid

Everyone is encouraged to take first aid and CPR training.

With the help of the bystanders, the 59-year old man was resuscitated on the scene according to the fire department. The paramedics confirmed that the man, who was conscious as they arrived was rushed to an area hospital in critical but stable condition.

Timely intervention

Among the things the unidentified bystanders did right was call 911 first. When more than one person is on hand to help, the fire department recommends delegating tasks such as performing first aid and flagging down first responders.

Everyone is encouraged to take first aid and CPR training. The quick recognition and treatment with defibrillation and CPR is key in surviving a cardiac arrest.

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