CPR and AED training event at Kiwanis Park

Training on CPR and AED is offered at Kiwanis Park. The event aimed to equip people with the skills to perform basic CPR and to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Importance of CPR and AED skills

The training event provides both the knowledge and confidence to respond to cardiac emergencies. According to Lisa Bagan, resuscitation program manager with Heart and Stroke, this event is vital since bystander response to CPR is low across Canada.

Vancouver first aid

Generally, basic CPR and AED skills can double the chances of a person at survival.

Around 4,000 cases of cardiac arrests occur in Canada yearly. Eighty-five per cent of those occur outside a medical facility. Cases happen in public places, homes and parks. It is vital for bystanders to know what to and have confidence to respond quickly.

The training included instructions in hands-only CPR and basic chest compressions. The instructors also provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to use an AED. There are over 900 AEDs in Saskatoon alone. They are in public places and it is important that the public knows how to use them.

Learn CPR today

Generally, basic CPR and AED skills can double the chances of a person at survival. Remember that any CPR is better than no CPR at all.

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