CPR given to man after drowning incident in backyard pool

A man involved in a drowning incident in a backyard pool was given CPR. Sadly, the man who was pulled from a backyard pool in Hamilton died.

Life on the line

According to the authorities, the 30-year old man was discovered without vital signs at a home on Proctor Boulevard around 9 PM. The homeowner performed CPR on the man before he was transported to a hospital and later declared dead.

Vancouver first aid
Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life.

This drowning case just comes days after a case involving a 33-year old woman who died in Lake Ontario attempting to save her 6-year old son who was swept away from shore. In another case, an 89-year old man also drowned after being pulled from a pool in a Burlington apartment.

Being prepared

Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life. If you want to be prepared during emergencies, it is recommended to enroll in a first aid course today.

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