“Good Samaritan” helped save pedestrian’s life credits first aid training

Clayton Blackwood was biking at the Junction when a 30-year old woman was struck by a van.

Saving a life

The “Good Samaritan” who saved the life of a woman struck by a vehicle claims he used basic first aid training to keep her alive until the emergency team arrived on the scene.

The woman was hit by a van in the Junction and remains in a healthcare facility in critical condition. If it wasn’t for Clayton Blackwood, the woman might face death right on the street.

Vancouver first aid

With the importance of first aid these days, it is vital that first aid and CPR courses are mandatory in schools.

Clayton was cycling down Annette Street that afternoon when he saw the woman trying to cross the road. The driver of the van was attempting to turn left when he slammed into her.

The woman was lying there and seriously injured. Clayton dropped his bike and rushed immediately to help her. An ambulance was on its way, but Blackwood knew that she might die without prompt help.

After undergoing a 2-week first aid course, all the skills and knowledge from the training class stormed back into his mind and he put all this into action. Blackwood knew that he had to clear the woman’s airway since she was filling up with fluid, but it was more than just bleeding from the ear. He supported the woman’s head and closely monitored the breathing. The area of the incident is now marked with memorial flowers.

Importance of first aid training

Blackwood credits his first aid training by keeping the woman alive until the emergency team arrived at the scene. With the importance of first aid these days, it is vital that first aid and CPR courses are mandatory in schools. The skills and knowledge are vital during emergency scenarios.

Remember that there will come a day when it is needed. As for the incident, the police are still under investigation of the event. There are no charges placed against the driver of the vehicle. Blackwood is eager to see the woman and hopes that she is doing well.

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