Man struggling in water given first aid care

Margaret Bell rescued a man struggling in the water. According to the firefighters, Bell went beyond when she ventured into the Glenmore Reservoir to rescue a man. The man who was struggling in the water might have gone unnoticed and drowned.

For Bell, she knew what she had to do. Bell lives in the southwest community of Lakeview and was out for a jog near the reservoir when she noticed a boat on the water near the Calgary Canoe Club.

She thought it was unusual so she went to investigate. She thought it was a beaver but it was a person so she had to act.


Bell was not certain how far she swam to reach the man who was struggling to stay afloat and trying without success to swim back to the shore on his own.

When Bell reached him, she told him to hold on to her jacket as they swam back to the shore where she provided first aid by keeping him warm.

The man was evidently hypothermic since he was shaking profusely and his lips were discolored. She requested a passerby to call 911.

The necessity of first aid training

During emergencies, itis best that you are knowledgeable on basic first aid skills. You must enroll in first aid and CPR course to be prepared. You never know when emergencies occur and where.

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