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Man who survived crash unhappy of the latest casualty

A man who survived a crash a few months ago that happened at the Manitoba highway intersection is urging the officials of the province to make the area safer. Another casualty died in the same area. The man was in his early 20’s. The passenger in the other vehicle is an 18-year-old woman. She was immediately brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

Prompt intervention

According to Dan Wischnewski, when severe deaths and accidents happened in one particular area, you have to do something and just cannot wait.

A couple of months ago, the SUV of Wischnewski was hit by a pickup truck. The truck was running at about 100km/hr at the same spot. The truck was running on Garven with a stop sign in the area. Wischnewski was traveling on Highway 206 and on the right way.

The truck hit the SUV at the intersection of Garven Road and Highway 206. Some bystanders in the area who saw the incident immediately provided initial first aid on the victims.  First responders arrived in the area after 70 minutes. They have to remove Wischnewski from the badly twisted wreck. They continued providing first aid to the victims.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the impact of the two vehicles resulted in the SUV of Wischnewski to roll down the road and trapping him inside. They have to use specialized equipment to pull him out of the wreckage.

Vancouver first aid
They have to remove Wischnewski from the badly twisted wreck. They continued providing first aid to the victims.

Wischnewski recalled that it took the people about 70 minutes to pull me out of wreck because I was so jammed inside. He suffered two broken hips, bleeding in the brain, a broken shoulder, broken ribs, severed spleen, and a punctured lung.

While recovering he was in a wheelchair for a couple of months and using canes when walking. Wischnewski was lucky that he is still alive and not permanently disabled.

The people riding in the truck were a 22 and 18-year-old man. They only suffered minor injuries and they were provided with first aid by the paramedics.

Wischnewski requested the government to make changes at the crossroads, which resulted in rumble strips installed in the pavement as vehicles approach the stop sign. Lights should be placed over the stop sign to make it more visible.

The fact that a young man lost his life and an 18-year-old girl in the hospital, it just broke my heart.

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