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Off-duty police and a woman in serious condition after a stabbing incident

An off-duty Delta police officer and a woman were stabbed in front of an elementary school in Delta, British Columbia. Both are in serious condition.

According to the Delta police officer, Acting Sgt. John Jasmins, he was outside the North Delta elementary school waiting to pick up his children, when he saw a man confronting a woman. He decided to interfere with the fight. He tried to stop the man. He did not know that the man had a knife. Jasmins and the woman were both stabbed several times by the man.

Stabbing incident

Vancouver first aid
Some bystanders and parents immediately provided initial first aid to the woman and the police officer.

Some bystanders and parents immediately provided initial first aid to the woman and the police officer. Some called the emergency numbers. When paramedics arrived, they brought the woman and the police officer to the hospital for further treatment. The condition of the police officer became stable, but the woman was in severe condition. Students inside the school were under a brief lock down due to the stabbing incident outside the school.

According to the principal of the school, Maurice Jacob, they gathered together with the school’s staff to make sure the children are with their families and advices in preparation for the return of children the next day. The Delta police Victim services are also assisting the staff of the school in providing support and comfort for the children when they return to school.

According to Delta Police Chief, the suspect is a 49-year-old named Manoj George. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and another two counts of assault with a weapon. George is married to the woman who was injured in the attack, but they are not living together. The woman is a 41-year-old living in Delta and was outside of the school to pick up her child. The suspect has no criminal record in the past.

Jasmins issued a statement in news, that he thanks bystanders, staff at the Immaculate Conception and parents for providing first aid to him and the woman. Furthermore, he is also grateful for the law enforcement family and the public for sincere support and well-wishes. My family and I are fine and much better today.

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