Rapid delivery of first aid by Good Samaritan saves a life

The quick actions of a Good Samaritan in performing first aid saves a life. Upon entering the convenience store, Tristan Barron saw blood everywhere and found a gas station clear moaning on the ground in pain.

Saving a life

His initial thought was to preserve the life of the man. He wanted to help since his best friend just died last week.

Barron, 30-years old was about to fill up his car with gas at the Husky station at 6125 101st Ave. when an elderly man came up to him with blood on his hands. He told Barron to call 911 because the store clerk had been stabbed.

Vancouver first aid

The immediate delivery of appropriate first aid care for bleeding emergencies is vital.

The clerk was in a lot of pain according to Barron who was a former personal trainer with some CPR training. He found the clerk curled in a fetal position behind the counter with a cut above his eye and a deep stab wound under his armpit. His clothes were soaked with blood.

Barron tried to reassure the clerk and used the man’s shirt to apply pressure to the stab wound until the arrival of the paramedics. Police were called to the gas station store in the Terrace Heights neighborhood.

The clerk, who is believed to be in his early 20s was found with stab wounds to the right side of his body, including his arm, leg and head according to Staff Sgt. Ron Smithman. He was taken to a healthcare facility with serious injuries but was later declared in stable condition. By the time the police arrived at the store, the suspect had fled. He was later arrested after 5 PM.

Prompt delivery of first aid

The immediate delivery of appropriate first aid care for bleeding emergencies is vital. You can learn how to manage emergencies by enrolling in a first aid course today.

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