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Regina Man 21, found dead in front of the Oasis Church

A Regina man, 21 years old was found dead and lying in front of the Oasis Church on the 7th Avenue after midnight Saturday morning. The victim was Issaiah Terrel Akachuk.

Prompt intervention

According to the police, the man was the third homicide victim of the year. Some officers immediately provided emergency first aid on Akachuk until Emergency Medical Services arrived. He was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment. He was not revived and declared dead in the hospital.

Vancouver first aid
Some officers immediately provided emergency first aid on Akachuk until Emergency Medical Services arrived.

A memorial was set up in front of the Oasis Church where Issaiah Terrel Akachuk was found dead. The people placed flowers, lanterns and a marker for friends and family to write messages.

According to Jordan d’Almeida, head pastor at the Oasis church said that he was woken up by the police the night the man died. The police want to see any footage incident which the pastor described as that there was a shooting incident. D’ Almeida and his family live near the church for almost 14 years. It was not until later in the day that an incident happened near his home and the church. The pastor recalled that he went outside down on the sidewalk and saw blood on the area. He thinks that the blood was from a good person or a bad person or a gang person. Maybe it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time or another statistic. It really hit me that the blood belongs to a human and their last breaths on Earth happened right on my sidewalk.

Another witness named Denita Stonechild who has been living in the area for almost 12 years. According to her, the death of the man is demoralizing. The neighborhood has been fighting against its negative reputation. Three things seem to be the cause of it such as gangs, guns, and drugs.

D’ Almeida and his seven companions gathered together at the memorial to mourn and pray for the loss of life. Across the street, they saw a woman overdosing. The wife of d’ Almeida who is a registered nurse immediately rushed to the woman and provided first aid and brought along a naloxone kit to help the woman.

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