CPR first aid

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs to get emergency response training

The assembly of Manitoba Chiefs aims on providing multi-level first aid training to First Nations communities. The training will include emergency relief training against bullying, abuse and prevention of violence in the isolated communities.


Importance of emergency response training

According to Grand Chief Arlen Dumas, these communities have unique needs especially with anti-bullying. The people of these communities should be well trained and in place to help when emergencies arises especially in the very isolated communities. Every year some of the First Nation communities have to be evacuated due to floods or forest fires. It is in the process of 5-year emergency response plan in helping the 62 First nations of Manitoba. The goal of the plan is to make sure the communities are prepared for the worst to happen. Understand what resources are available in the area and the big risk such as flood and fire.

CPR first aid
The goal of the plan is to make sure the communities are prepared for the worst to happen.

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs or AMC is an organization that represents the 62 Fist Nations in Manitoba. The order of this organization is to serve as a combined discussion on the Manitoba First Nation interests and respecting each other rights and the power to make decisions especially how the nation will be governed. The AMC receives directions from the Chiefs-in-Assembly and submits issues that will be discussed and make decisions.

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Learn how to help by enrolling in a first aid and CPR course and for more information, check out these sources:




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