Winnipeg man thanks strangers for saving his life

A man from Winnipeg thanks 2 strangers who provided CPR and first aid when his heart suddenly stopped beating while jogging.

Timely intervention

Mark Smith, a 62-year-old man collapsed on a Wellington Crescent sidewalk and possibility that he might die. Two “angels” immediately helped and provided CPR to the comatose man. The angels turned out to be four Good Samaritans; the two women; the paramedics and medical staff that helped revived him.

Vancouver first aid

A man helped and continued providing CPR on Smith and the other man called emergency numbers.

The following day Smith talked to the people who have helped saved his life. A teacher, Jaime Boulerice was across the street when she saw Smith collapsed. Boulerice and her friend Liz Morales were the first people who helped and provided CPR on Smith after his heart stopped beating. Smith was grateful that he was revived after he collapsed while jogging on a sidewalk.

According to the two women, Boulerice and Morales, they saw something across the street. They taught it was a rock or a man? They rushed across the street and saw that Smith was still breathing. They both helped the man lay down on the ground and provided initial CPR. A man helped and continued providing CPR on Smith and the other man called emergency numbers. The man provided at least 10 minutes of chest compressions until he was revived. Smith was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment.

The paramedics who brought Smith to the hospital told his wife later that a person had provided CPR on her husband for at least 10 minutes before first responders arrived. They had to attach an AED on Smith and again inside the ambulance while on the way to the hospital.

Smith recalled that on that day he is going for a run around 5 in the afternoon. After five days I woke up in a hospital room, with tubes attached to my chest after triple bypass surgery. His body temperature has been lowered to prevent damage to the brain due to lack of oxygen.

Smith wanted to thank the Good Samaritans who revived him and share his blessings. He posted a thank you letter on his Facebook page. He sends his message to the Paramedic Association in Manitoba and hoping that one of the first responders knows the person who provided CPR on him. I just wanted to hug all of them.

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