18 people in hospital after deck collapses

18 people were sent to the hospital after a deck collapsed at a home. The incident happened in Langley, B.C. during a pre-wedding celebration early in the evening. According to the police they received several emergency calls coming from the 5800 block of 268th Street about 5:45 p.m. that a deck had collapse. There were nineteen ground ambulances and one air ambulance was sent to the area. There were about 100 people in the deck and about 35 to 40 people were severely injured and ranges from children all the way up to the elderly. Some people provided first aid to some of the injured victims.

Unforeseen collapse

According the communication officer with the provincial health services authority named Jose Vargas, about 18 people were taken to the hospitals with severe injuries, and some have fractures of the lower extremities.

Vancouver first aid

Some people provided first aid to some of the injured victims.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Langley said in a written statement that there were about 2-3 people are in critical condition and another person was transported by an air ambulance to the hospital. Twelve to 15 people with serious condition and some only sustained minor injuries and were immediately provided with first aid. It is a tragic and alarming incident. People celebrating and enjoying themselves and suddenly in a matter of seconds a tragic accident happens. Officers stayed overnight in the area and investigators returned in the morning to determine the cause of the collapse.

A neighbor named Charles Ford was working in his garden when he heard a very loud sound. According to him he saw people shouting and running everywhere. Some people ran into his house and look for First Aid supplies. He saw bodies everywhere like where a porch collapsed. Ford together with his friend tried to move people away from the collapsed porch. Then they saw two ladies, one was unconscious and the other lady was severely bleeding from her ankle. We immediately provided first aid on the lady. I wrapped a bandage around the affected area of the ankle to minimize the bleeding. Paramedics arrived and took over the treatment.

It is very unfortunate for those people involved in the accident, that today was supposed to be a day of happiness and now it is a day of this tragic accident.

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