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Family from Dover given Life-Saving Award

A family from Dover, Tony, Donna and their son Cole and daughter Toni were given a Life-Saving Award by a charitable humanitarian organization. The Keats family helped each other in saving the life of a man. Luckily each member of their family had proper CPR and first aid training from this humanitarian charitable organization.

Saving a life

According to Keats, it is so rewarding that my family accepted a responsibility and came to the rescue and provided first aid and CPR to a man. Especially seeing my son and daughter what they did to help is very amazing.

Vancouver first aid
Each member of their family had proper CPR and first aid training from this humanitarian charitable organization.

Now this charitable humanitarian organization is honoring the family and given a Life-Saving Award. In a written statement to Roberta Hewitt, the director of Marketing and Community Relations with the humanitarian charitable organization, the council stated that the story of the Keats’s family is very memorable because it shows the whole members of the family working together to save a life. You can never tell when an emergency situation might happen and there is a need to respond. The Keats family are ready to respond in any situation, because they are well trained and with self confidence in what they are doing.

The man they saved was living next door to the Keats family. According to Keats, the man was in their house when the incident happened. While the man was eating snacks he started to choke. Keats immediately provided first aid on the man and performed the Heimlich maneuver to remove the obstruction on the mouth of the man. The man became unconscious. His wife, Donna called the emergency numbers, but the Gambo vehicle is not available and they have to wait for an ambulance from New-Wes-Valley to arrive. The man was unresponsive and without pulse. The family worked together and started providing CPR on the man. Tony performed chest compressions, his son Cole performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and his daughter Toni did the counting and provided directions. Donna relayed information on the operator of the ambulance through the telephone. The ambulance finally arrived and the man was now breathing again. The man is still confused and has difficulty moving his body. The attendants of the ambulance continued with the treatment and gave him oxygen. He was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment. Tony Keats was happy when he learned the next morning that the man had recovered and happy to go back home.

Keats suggests that everyone should get life-saving training. You have no idea when you will be in a situation where you need to help and do something.

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