Major hockey league improves first aid rules and regulations after a player’s death

The Quebec Major junior hockey league is improving the first aid rules and regulations after the death of a hockey player named Jordan Boyd.

Improvement on first aid rules

Jordan Boyd, 16 years old died after suffering a cardiac arrest on the ice at the Acadie-Bathurst Titan training camp four years ago. The family of Jordan accepted the apology from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League from the pain they have caused and the introduction of changes at improving the safety of the players. Boyd had an undiagnosed heart condition. He collapsed and died at a training camp in Bathurst, N.B. he was training for the QMJHL’s Acadie-Bathurst Titan. It becomes clear to the league that first-aid readiness is very important and needs to be improved.

Vancouver first aid

It becomes clear to the league that first-aid readiness is very important and needs to be improved.

According to a news investigation they have learned that it was more than 10 minutes passed between the time Jordan collapsed on the ice and when responders provided him with first aid and shocked him with and AED or the automated external defibrillator.  According to the paramedics who arrived in the area, they did see any AED next to the boy and the CPR provided by the team staff was very ineffective because Jordan was still wearing the chest protector when they performed the CPR. There is no assurance if an earlier shock was provided for Jordan, but the chances of recovery is better if an AED is provided in the first 5 minutes after the attack.

Some changes to the QMJHL’s safety rules and regulations include: Every team must have at least 3 team staff properly trained in CPR and life-saving techniques that includes the use of an AED. Two of these trained staff should accompany the team in any events, games, tryout and practices. Each team should have its own AED and should be in the possession of the trainer/athletic therapist at all events. Every year, every team should make a report to the league which staff is properly trained in life-saving techniques with proper certifications and annual refresher training. And the league will check each team every year to make sure they comply with the requirements.

According to the father of Jordan, if this incident ever happens again to another player in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League players, the teams will be better prepared for it and that affected person will have a better chance of recovery.

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