Red Cross First Aid and CPR Courses in Richmond

We are continuing to expand throughout the Lower Mainland and into Richmond B.C. Coming in the summer of 2017 we will be offer Red Cross first aid, CPR and AED courses in Richmond B.C. We will also offer our food safe level 1 on-line / in-class examination courses as well as TDG and WHMIS. We are excited to offer our high quality, competitively priced programs in Richmond, B.C.

Where Will the New Location Be?

The new training centre will open in central Richmond nearby Number 3 road. We plan to have easy access to the Canada Line as well as ample parking and nearby amenities.

What Will Course Prices Be?

Course prices will be identical to all other locations. Every year we ensure that our prices are incredibly competitive and the lowest among all major providers.

How Many People Take First Aid / CPR Courses with Vancouver First Aid Every Year?

Over 10,000 people a year take a first aid or CPR course with Vancouver First Aid every year. We also offer qualitative mask fit testing and food safe level 1 training.

When Will the New Centre Open?

We are scheduling to open the new training centre in the Summer of 2017. Stay tuned for more updates as we hope to have a definitive date soon.

How Often Will Courses Run?

Courses will run at least twice a week with some of our more popular courses being offered three times a week. Standard and emergency first aid are some of our most popular programs followed by WEFA (OFA level 1 equivalent). Re-certifications will also be offered three times a week for individuals looking to renew expiring awards.

What Courses Will Be Offered at this Location?

All of our regular courses will be offered at our Richmond training centre. Here’s a list of some of the courses we will offer:

  • Red Cross standard first aid and CPR
  • Red Cross childcare first aid and CPR
  • Red Cross emergency first aid and CPR
  • Stand-alone CPR and AED (A, C and HCP)
  • Red Cross first aid and CPR instructor
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation BLS
  • Heart and ST
  • Food Safe level 1
  • TDG
  • Pet First aid and CPR

Why Register with Vancouver First Aid in Richmond?

Here’s the top 5 reasons to register with VFA in Richmond:

  1. Nobody offers courses more often than VFA
  2. Nobody offers such competitive prices
  3. Highly experienced instructors that teach hundreds (if not thousands) of people every year
  4. Variety of courses to choose from including OFA level 1 equivalent courses, WHMIS, Boat Safety, Instructor courses and Food Safe level 1
  5. We pride ourselves on having clean, well-maintained and conveniently located classrooms to make the experience as positive as possible

Check back with us soon to find a first aid and CPR course with us in Richmond, B.C.