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Stabbing ordeal left man in critical condition

A 42-year old man is in critical condition after a stabbing ordeal. The incident involved another passenger on a transit bus.

Stabbing incident

After receiving several911 calls, the Richmond RCMP responded to an incident on a Coast Mountain bus. Based on the video on social media, the paramedics are seen delivering CPR to the victim in the doorway of the vehicle.

The violence reportedly broke out just before 2 PM. The bus pulled over across the street from the Aberdeen Canada Line station. The RCMP closed off No. 3 Road, Eastbound, near Cambie Road for several hours as the investigation continued. The officers retrieved the vehicle so that they can gather forensic evidence.

It has been alleged that there was a physical altercation between two passengers. The police are uncertain about what triggered the fight or if the pair knew each other.

The injured male from Richmond was transported to a healthcare facility by emergency medical personnel suffering from critical stab wounds. A 22-year old man was arrested.

Vancouver first aid
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