Hiker given first aid care by firefighters and Good Samaritans

A hiker received first aid care by firefighters and Good Samaritans. The hiker had to be rescued after injuring her ankle on a North Shore trail. She is thankful for her rescuers and the strangers who helped her before they arrived.

Immediate action in the wilderness

Connie Baxter stated that she was given top-notch first aid care by the North Vancouver District firefighters and paramedics that were called to her aid on Dog Mountain in the Mount Seymour area.

Vancouver first aid

The delivery of appropriate first aid care can improve the outcome of emergencies.

The 57-year old stated that she knew things were bad when she heard a snapping noise during the hike. She had to be taken to the Lions Gate Hospital for treatment for her broken ankle.

She was relieved when the first responders arrived at the scene and they provided care and entertained her to keep her mind off the pain. But even before they arrived, some strangers offered help. A couple of women who were walking by offered her some advice such as elevating her foot and using something for compression. She wrapped her scarf around her ankle.

Another woman who was trained in first aid, offered her a tensor bandage and 2 small heat packs. A man offered his cellphone and her stepson called 911 and spoke to a dispatcher who also offered advice including not to eat or drink anything in case surgery was necessary for her injury.

Timely intervention

The delivery of appropriate first aid care can improve the outcome of emergencies. It is recommended to enroll in a first air course today to be prepared.

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