Student involved in train incident given first aid

A student who was involved in train incident was given first aid. Mourners brought flowers to a memorial near Crescent Beach as friends and family gathered to remember a teen who was killed by a train.

Deadly train incident

Jack Stroud just graduated Grade 9 at Surrey’s Elgin Park Secondary School where he played on the rugby team.

Stroud was among a group of more than 30 people partying at the base of the Christopherson Steps. The witnesses stated that he and several other boys were playing on the tracks. The others were able to get out of the way of the northbound Amtrak Cascades train but Stroud was hit. Several teens performed first aid on Stroud but it was too late.

Vancouver first aid

Immediate action by bystanders can make a big difference in the outcome of emergencies.

According to Don Pitcairn who lives nearby and investigated what happened for the White Rock Sun, a group of boys thought it would be a good idea to play chicken with the Amtrak train. They did not realize that it was the Amtrak that runs silent and quick.

According to Cpl. Elenore Sturko of the RCMP, the force could not confirm anything that occurred before the fatality as they are still investigating. A call was received around 10 PM that an individual was hit by the train. Sadly, the person was critically injured and succumbed to his injuries.

The Amtrak train was delayed by three and a half hours. None of its 82 passengers were injured according to a spokesperson.

Timely intervention

The prompt delivery of appropriate life-saving techniques can save a life. Immediate action by bystanders can make a big difference in the outcome of emergencies. It is better to do something than do nothing at all.

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