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What is agranulocytosis?

Agranulocytosis is a disorder in which the neutrophil level is lower than 100 per microliter of blood. This condition is considered severe and even fatal. If not promptly treated, it can result to death from septicemia or blood infection. The granulocytes or neutrophils are the white blood cells comprising the immune system. These cells contain […]

Close look on drug allergy

An individual with drug allergy might develop minor or severe symptoms. An individual who is allergic to a specific drug might have trouble breathing, hives or rashes. Just like with other allergic reactions, the symptoms can arise once the immune system is highly sensitized to a substance in a medication. It is identified as a […]

Overview on nasal trauma

Nasal trauma involves damage to the nose or areas surrounding and supporting the nose. Both external and internal damages can result to nasal trauma. It is important to note that the position of the nose puts the nasal cartilage, bone and soft tissues prone to external injuries. Common forms of nasal damage Fractures Nosebleeds Obstruction […]

Arrhythmias in children: What are the treatment options?

There are various forms of arrhythmias in children and adults. Once an abnormal heart rhythm occurs, it is vital to determine the type and the treatment is based on its type. The arrhythmias can cause the heart rate to become erratic, fast or slow. Management of arrhythmias in children Various treatment options are available in […]