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Vancouver first aid

Stabbing ordeal left man in critical condition

A 42-year old man is in critical condition after a stabbing ordeal. The incident involved another passenger on a transit bus. Stabbing incident After receiving several911 calls, the Richmond RCMP responded to an incident on a Coast Mountain bus. Based on the video on social media, the paramedics are seen delivering CPR to the victim in […]

Vancouver first aid

One person killed in multi-vehicle crash in Chilliwack

An individual was reportedly killed in a multi-vehicle crash on Chilliwack. The incident involved at least 3 other vehicles. One vehicle rested on the roof and front windshield of another. Vehicular ordeal Several ambulances, firefighters and the police responded to the crash which occurred at around4:30 PM just east of the Vedder Road overpass in […]

Vancouver first aid

Remand Centre inmate receives immediate CPR

An Edmonton Remand Centreinmate died despite CPR. The inmate was found unresponsive in her cell. Unforeseen catastrophe Alberta Justice spokeswoman Louise McEachern confirmed in an email that the correctional staff performed CPR to the woman and police and emergency responders were called. Sadly, the inmate was pronounced dead. The root cause of death is unknown […]

Vancouver first aid

The increasing need for AEDs at schools

While playing tag together with his friends on Wilfrid Walker school playground 3 years ago, BenjaminFizzard collapsed unconscious to the ground. The consciousness of the 7-year old was restored without requiring CPR but was rushed to a healthcare facility and equipped with an internal cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker. The incident was dreadful, but his parents, […]

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