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Vancouver first aid

The increasing need for AEDs at schools

While playing tag together with his friends on Wilfrid Walker school playground 3 years ago, BenjaminFizzard collapsed unconscious to the ground. The consciousness of the 7-year old was restored without requiring CPR but was rushed to a healthcare facility and equipped with an internal cardiac defibrillator and pacemaker. The incident was dreadful, but his parents, […]

Vancouver first aid

AED successfully saves the life of a man

The man is alive thanks to the easy access of the live-saving device and quick thinking. Eugene Manuel, 46-years old was competing in a fitness challenge at his local gym in Miramichi when his heart ceases to beat abruptly. He collapsed but bystanders delivered CPR and restarted his heart with an automatic emergency defibrillator (AED)from […]

Vancouver first aid

Defibrillator saves a boy in cardiac arrest

A boy suffering cardiac arrest was saved by a defibrillator. Bystanders were able to resuscitate a15-year old who collapsed while playing futsal at Sir Robert Borden High School on Greenbank Road. Timely intervention An automated external defibrillator (AED) that was stationed at the school was used. The boy was playing in a futsal tournament when […]

Vancouver first aid

Near-death experience emphasizes the importance of first aid training

The quick thinking of 6 employees saved the life of a Calgary man. Ayaz Kara was enjoying a game of squash at the recreation center at Mount Royal University when he suddenly felt dizzy and out of breath. According to Kara, the last thing he recalled is collapsing. His heart ceases to beat and started […]

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